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Teleporting swordsmen versus gunners with grappling hooks. Play it here: https://db.tt/6SlCUev5

Mark of Mephisto is a networked 2D sidescrolling action game set in a medieval steampunk city-state called Frostfall. Two groups in this city fight in a struggle for survival: the Mageknights, an outcast group of teleporting swordsmen, and the Mavericks, militarized gun-wielding soldiers with grappling hooks.

Players participate in their war through episodic scenarios, which are gameplay sessions that represent pieces of Frostfall story. In a scenario, your objectives and allegiances change mid-game depending on who’s winning, forming a branching story over the course of a session.

The game takes place in the coastal port city of Frostfall, a medieval hubbub of prosperity and progress. However, instability bubbles just beneath the surface. Two groups vie for power over the city: the Mageknights, wielders of strange supernatural powers versus the Mavericks, technological super-soldiers designed to hunt them. As their conflict tears the city apart, their individual perspectives bring together the pieces of a larger destiny.

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